05.2020 - ongoing

Here & Now is a mobile interactive sound installation which uses sounds of its immediate surrounding as the main compositional element. Albeit often overlooked and dismissed as noise, our urban environments offer myriads of compelling sounds. In this installation, a speaker playing back sounds from the atmosphere in real time acts as a reminder of the sonic richness which endows us in public spaces.

The sound of the live reproduction changes from dry to being washed in a long delay, thereby catching the attention of bystanders and inviting them to interact with the soundscape.

Controlled feedback between the microphone and the speaker creates droning sounds which aid in placing the ambient sounds inside a more musical representation and narrative.

Here & Now also calls into question our attitude towards recording and surveillance in public spaces. The delayed voices and footsteps of passersby become audible reminders of public monitoring.

Having started out at Böhmischer Platz in Neukölln in May 2020, this installation will move to different public locations in Berlin to let people in different contexts discover and interact with their sonic environment.

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