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©2020 by Henri Falk


Swedish electronic music producer, dj and sound artist Henri Falk explores musical formats and contexts across a broad spectrum from techno to ambient, sound art and installations.

In his compositions and live acts, he gravitates towards noisy and distorted textures, lush airy pads and organic sounds from field recordings. With hypnotic and evolving soundscapes as a mode of transport, he strives to bring the listener on an introspective sonic journey.

He finds inspiration from the sonic and visual landscape which surrounds him, mainly in either buzzing Berlin, where he is based, or out in the serene wilderness in Sweden. Using a field recorder and camera, he continuously documents and extracts pieces and textures to serve as input in his music.

Drawing further on visual language and its interplay with sound, Henri also works as photographer at the sound art gallery Geoff Stern Art Space. He has also co-founded the experimental performance event series Das Schalllabor, which currently exists as a student association at dBs Berlin, where he is a student.