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©2019 by Henri Falk


To Swedish producer and DJ, Henri Falk, electronic music constitutes a powerful medium for meditation.

Once, he was captivated by the electronic sounds, so evocative and rich in texture, with a musical architecture unlike anything else, often hypnotic and meditative. And experiences of being deeply connected with the sounds and the people around, sharing intimate and dreamy moments together. It sparked a fascination that went further than to just enjoy the music. He sought to understand it, play and experiment with it, wanted to be able to give such profound experiences to others, but with his own sound and expression.

He explores mainly in the musical territories of ambient, noise and techno, and is intrigued by combinations thereof, searching for the unexplored. There is an affinity for high frequency, otherworldly sounds, mystical vibes, and for incorporating organic elements via recorded field recordings, tape and radio. There is no particular preference to either dance floor or relaxed listening sessions. They are merely different ways of traveling towards the same place.