Vienna 2015.
#pratersauna #matrix


Swedish sound artist, electronic music producer and DJ Henri Falk explores different formats and contexts across a broad spectrum from techno to ambient, sound art and installations.

A driving concept behind his work is to present familiar sonic landscapes and objects in a way which plays with our perception. By processing and often ‘zooming in’ on sounds, a micro-universe of hidden textures and rhythms can be unveiled.

Born in Finland 1984, grown up in the Swedish countryside and lived all his adult life in urban environments, he feels at home in and inspired by the sonic and visual landscapes in both of these contrasting habitats, from which he continuously extracts audio recordings and footage.

He is an alumni of dBs Music in Berlin and is a co-creator of the experimental performance event Das Schalllabor.

He has performed at various festivals around Berlin, including at Noise Lab, Sacred Ground and Wilde Möhren, and as a DJ at venues including Arena Club and Funkhaus in Berlin, Bob Beaman in Munich, Alphabet in Tel Aviv, The Great Northern in San Francisco and Elevator in Shanghai.

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