Swedish electronic music producer, dj and sound artist Henri Falk explores musical formats and contexts across a broad spectrum from techno to ambient, sound art and installations.

A driving concept behind his work is to present familiar sonic landscapes and objects in a way which plays with the boundaries of our waking perception. By morphing time and shifting frequencies, a micro-universe of convoluted textures and rhythms, sounds from a partially hidden reality, can be unveiled. By allowing nature’s creative force unfold and be synthesized, results can be achieved which surpass human ideation.

The raw material typically reflects events happening incidentally in our surroundings, leaving behind any traces of rigidity, hesitation or other artefacts inherent to intention, and thereby also introducing elements of chance.

Aesthetically, he gravitates towards noisy and distorted textures, lush pads and organic sounds. With hypnotic and evolving soundscapes as a mode of transport, he brings the listener on an introspective sonic journey where the depths of consciousness can be explored. The work is presented across various formats, from live performances to spatial sound installations, stereo tracks, binaural audio and videos with his own footage. In the video domain, the same principles are applied; recordings from commonplace events are processed using video synthesis and other digital tools to twist and expose hidden features.

He finds inspiration from the sonic and visual landscape which surrounds him, mainly in either buzzing Berlin, where he is based, or out in the serene wilderness in Sweden. Born in Finland 1984, having grown up in the Swedish countryside and lived all his adult life in urban environments, he feels at home in and influenced by both these contrasting environments; at the intersection of nature and technology, both in life and in his artistic practice.

Drawing further on visual language and its interplay with sound, Henri Falk also works as photographer at the sound art gallery Geoff Stern Art Space, and is a co-creator of the experimental performance event series Das Schalllabor, which currently exists as a student association at the university dBs Music in Berlin, where he is a student. Academically, he has set out on a mission to investigate rhythms and how they affect our mental state.

He has performed live at various festivals around Berlin, including at Noise Lab and Sacred Ground, and as a DJ at venues including Arena Club and Funkhaus in Berlin, Bob Beaman in Munich, Alphabet in Tel Aviv, The Great Northern in San Francisco and Elevator in Shanghai.


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